Parsons, Behle & Latimer Prove Healthy Competition Can Change the Odds!

allison-tby Allison Temnick
Community Investment Advisor

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the folks over at Parsons, Behle & Latimer are a competitive crowd. Whether it is making the Best Lawyers in America list, having their practice recognized by Chambers USA, or giving back to the community, this law firm is second to none. Even though I knew this was the case, I was still surprised to see how competitive they were during their In it to Win It United Way of Salt Lake campaign theme!

There’s no doubt about it – healthy competition gets things done! Throughout the week, staff, attorneys, and shareholders competed to see which group would have the highest participation percentage. They posted a chart comparing financial and participation goals at the entrance to the firm for all to see. They even allowed people to donate to nominate a co-worker for the big wrap up event – the In It to Win It Challenge!

Those eight lucky nominees competed in a series of challenges that tested their speed, concentration, and focus. Each round included fewer participants and more difficult (and often embarrassing) competitions. While I was impressed by their steady concentration during the dice-balancing challenge, I couldn’t stop laughing during the last round when the final two participants had to transport as many cotton balls as possible from one side of the room to the other, by sticking them to their faces with Vaseline!

Parsons wrap up 3

Parsons wrap up 1On a more serious note, Parsons, Behle & Latimer also encouraged their employees to go beyond giving, by providing the afternoon off to employees who volunteered at one of our Community Schools. They hosted me, one of our Community School Directors, and a high school student to talk about the incredible effects that Collective Impact has had on students and their families. Furthermore, their surge of generosity amounted to their largest donation in three years – far more than any other law firm in the state of Utah.

Parsons volunteer 3I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at Parsons, Behle & Latimer for their competitive nature, generous spirit, and compassionate heart!

Parsons volunteer 1

Questar Supercharges Giving and Engagement!

Tim Harrisonby Tim Harrison
Senior Community Investment Advisor

On January 14, our partners from Questar invited us to their office for their annual giant-check delivery. When they unveiled the amount, we were floored! Yet again, the company blew its previous records out of the water. The “supercharged” total, including the corporate match, was $1,180,000.00. But more than that, Questar saw phenomenal participation.

  • 1,367 employees contributed online, significantly reducing the number of hardcopy forms and administrative time needed
  • More than one third of contributing employees increased their donations from last year
  • More than 100 employees contributed for the first time!

This figure represents so much hard work and generosity from everyone at Questar. Many, many thanks to everyone there for all they do for our community! Thank you for LIVING UNITED!

Questar Check

Leading from the Top – Deluxe Corporation Makes Giving Easy!

Dennis Huynhby Dennis Huynh
Community Investment Advisor

I could list at least a dozen different practices that can positively affect an organization’s employee giving campaign, but none of those ideas would work if there wasn’t strong support from the top! Deluxe Corporation puts this into practice.

For almost the entire month of October, Deluxe was focused on encouraging its employees to give back. Deluxe held several different activities in order to create awareness about United Way of Salt Lake. It all started with a breakfast that was prepared by the management team, and continued throughout the month with lunches, a cake walk, a bake sale, bingo, toy car races, a raffle drawing, and even a donation drive. Despite busy schedules, Deluxe held nothing back during its campaign.

Such a successful campaign was possible because Deluxe had amazing support from the top. I asked Randy Finley, Director of Manufacturing Operations for the Salt Lake City Facility, why he feels such a strong need to support United Way of Salt Lake. Here is what he had to say:

Deluxe Corp“I appreciate the incredible efficiency of our United Way of Salt Lake organization. Its purpose and message helps so many in our community though its timely and focused approach. From crisis intervention to education programs for at-risk youth, the United Way makes a huge difference and Deluxe is proud to be a part of its success.”

The campaign would also not have been possible without the help of a fantastic employee campaign manager in Robert Ruiz. On top of his regular tasks as a Lean Engineer, Robert generously took the time to sit and plan the details of the entire campaign with myself and his committee, and he made sure the those plans were executed flawlessly. I asked Robert to share his thoughts on United Way of Salt Lake:

It has been great to partner with United Way of Salt Lake to provide opportunities for our employees to give back to the local community. We appreciate being presented with a variety of ways to not only help those in need but to learn and grow in the process. This partnership benefits our employees as much as those who are served.

Thank you Randy and Robert for your shining example, and big thanks to everyone at Deluxe Corporation for your generosity, and for showing us how to LIVE UNITED!

Holland & Hart – Community Champions!

allison-tby Allsion Temnick
Community Investment Advisor

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have heard your share of lawyer jokes in the past. While some people may live up to them, there are many lawyers here in Salt Lake City who shatter that stereotype with the way the give generously and serve diligently.

One law firm who has done an exceptionally good job of that this year is Holland & Hart.

Holland & Hart recently received the Community Champion Award from United Way of Salt Lake, which means that $100 per employee was donated to United Way of Salt Lake. In addition to its generosity, Holland & Hart partnered with UWSL to celebrate its 20th Anniversary by doing a large-scale volunteer project this past summer. Over 100 employees and family members went to Kearns Junior High Community School to complete 16 different volunteer projects including: painting, landscaping, cleaning lockers, organizing drama costumes, assembling registration packets, and much more.

Community Champion AwardHolland & Hart is not your average law firm! Join me in thanking them for changing the odds in our community in a dramatic way.

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To The Batcave, Robin!

james-brownby James Brown
Community Investment Advisor

For more than 30 years, Sorenson BioScience has specialized in making quality scientific research products used in scientific labs across the globe. More recently, however, they’re making a difference in our community — and in a big way, too!

This year’s campaign marked Sorenson’s first time participating and partnering with United Way of Salt Lake for its charitable giving. Though they may be rookies, ask any of Sorenson’s 220 employees, and they will be able to tell you what it means to LIVE UNITED. Chris Ek, an EHS and Lean Technician at Sorenson BioScience said, “We had a great time and the phrases ‘do it for the kids’ and ‘help someone in greater need than yourself’ were heard frequently and truly heartfelt by the group. We look forward to continuing our campaign throughout the year and have plans to promote future volunteer opportunities.”

To spice things up, Sorenson’s management team agreed to a challenge given them by Sorenson employees. The challenge was simple — the member of the management team who raised the most pledges in their name would have to dress up in a costume of the employee’s collective choice and wear that costume throughout the work day on Halloween — even if important meetings were on the docket. The lucky winners of that competition were none other than, Sorenson BioScience’s C.E.O West Price, and his trusty side-kick, Bill Brown.IMG_0529

A Batman and Robin themed costume seems very appropriate for this company. Even though employees aren’t out in the streets fighting crime in Salt Lake City, their support for United Way of Salt Lake, and their enthusiasm for the campaign, makes them superheroes in our book.

Thank you Sorenson BioScience for giving your employees the power to help change the odds! Thank you for being great examples of what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Following KeyBank’s Lead: 9 Ways Your Company Can Create a Successful UWSL Campaign!

temnickby Allison Temnick
Community Investment Advisor

When many employees think of United Way of Salt Lake, they think of t-shirts, chili cook-offs, and fun company events. It can be easy for the average employee to forget how much planning goes on behind the scenes of every successful campaign. To help companies be successful, United Way of Salt Lake has made a list of “best practices,” or steps that we have identified that result in great campaigns. This year, one company in particular – KeyBank – did an exceptional job of taking those suggestions and running with them. Here are just a few examples of how KeyBank incorporated “best practices” into this year’s campaign:

Jill Pam Comm Champion Award 1

  • Connect with your United Way of Salt Lake representative – KeyBank’s employee campaign manager, Pam Lechner, met with me more than a month before its campaign kicked-off. That gave us plenty of time to plan fun, engaging campaign activities for the employees.
  • Involve leadership – The District Manager of KeyBank, Jill Taylor, has been a United Way supporter for years. She spoke at the beginning of one of our employee kick-off presentations and shared why she is passionate about United Way of Salt Lake. A message from the top is always extremely helpful!
  • Recruit a planning committee – Pam identified a group of KeyBank employees who are passionate about LIVING UNITED so that they could help her with the planning process. This team shared ideas and resources in order to come up with creative campaign events, like the KeyBank employee carnival!
  • Schedule employee meetings – This year, United Way employees had the opportunity to present to nearly every KeyBank employee in the state. Managers from various locations made time for us to share stories about our work in the community and how we are changing the odds for kids and families.
  • Offer incentives – KeyBank leadership got on board with this idea, and offered to personally wash cars for the first two branches to get 100% participation in the United Way campaign. As you can imagine, those two branches filled out their pledge forms pretty quickly!
  • Encourage Neighborhood Center site visits – The KeyBank committee was invited to visit a United Way of Salt Lake Neighborhood Center, Central Park (the Police Athletic League Boxing Center in South Salt Lake). At this site visit, KeyBank employees got to meet some of the children, tour an incredible facility, and see the difference that we can make when we all LIVE UNITED!
  • Make a corporate contribution – Each year, KeyBank also gives a corporate gift to United Way of Salt Lake. Employees are motivated to give when they realize the company is “practicing what they preach” and setting a good example from a corporate level.
  • Have fun! In addition to everything else, the KeyBank committee planned and hosted a carnival for all KeyBank employees and their families. This fundraiser included a ring toss, face painting, and a cake walk – as well as food and other fun activities.
  • LIVE UNITED – In addition to all of these best practices, KeyBank has decided to involve United Way of Salt Lake in their annual spring volunteering event, Neighbors Make the Difference Day. Our volunteer team is already involved in the planning process for the May event. We can’t wait to see what the final result will be when over 100 KeyBank employees step out into the community to make a difference together!

Thank you, KeyBank, for being a great example of what it means to LIVE UNITED!

TvT and Keytoon Jill Elizabeth head to head Elizabeth and Jill and REFPhotos of KeyBank’s fun campaign events!

And the Award for Best Campaign Theme Goes to…

Tim Harrisonby Tim Harrison
Senior Community Investment Advisor

DISCLAIMER: I made up that award and it doesn’t really exist.

We see many campaign themes from our corporate partners: some touching, some serious, some amusing. However, in my opinion, nothing compares to the heights that Questar Corporate has taken their theme this year.

The premise: You Have the POWER to Change the Odds. We can all be superheroes, even without the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound, as long as we care about our community and invest in ways to make it a better place.

Questar Campaign Logo 2014Questar runs a massive, sprawling campaign, so different groups have taken this in many directions, but all have been creative. My favorites: Chairman, President and CEO Ron Jibson dressing up as Batman, coordinators handing out capes for everyone to wear, and presenters ripping off pressed business shirts to reveal superhero costumes underneath. Check out the slideshow for more hijinks and smiling faces.


Questar has now wrapped up their colossal campaign and have broken just about every record on the books – with more money raised and more donors giving than ever before!

Thank you Questar, for continuing to set an example of how corporate partners can be creative and have fun while investing in their community.

Guardians of the Galaxies

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